[UNBOXING] Dolli Pop - Chu: B Luna

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Chu: B Luna from DOLLI POP

Company: DOLLI POP​

Sculpt: Chu: B Luna

Height: Chu: B - 24.5 cm

Skin colour: Peach Skin

Faceup: Default

Order date: 10/01/2017

Production date: 17/02/2017

Shipping date : 17/02/2017 via EMS

Arrival date: 21/02/2017

Link: Chu: B Luna

Head circumference : 17 cm

Neck circumference : 5.7 cm

Width of shoulders : 4.7 cm

Bust circumference : 11.3 cm

Arm length : 6.5 cm

Waist circumference: 10.5 cm

Hips circumference : 15.5 cm

Thigh circumference : 8 cm

Leg length : 10 cm

Foot length : 2.7 cm

Back in January, I won a BJD head (head only, no faceup or body) from Dolli Pop's contest. I was in love with both Hina and Luna and didn't know who to choose but in the end I decided to get Luna as she is very unique and different from other dolls that I owned. I also bought a body and faceup for her.

The box is very stylish! I love it sooooooooo much

Just looking at top foam and I can tell that sculptor is a perfectionist who pays attention to every single detail because it fits perfectly inside the box.

I love everything in this photo, from the arrangement of my doll to extra gifts and Certificate Of Authenticity. This sculptor's sense of design really suits my taste.

Free candies, rice cakes, wig cap, eyes and putty. This photo is another proof that sculptor is a perfectionist with a good 'taste' in design. Yummy~

I like her pear shaped body very much, it is so unique and beautiful. She is also my first doll that has this type of body. Her peach skin is very pretty and natural. In my opinion, her neck is quite big compare to her body and I prefer a smaller neck.

I have nearly 40 BJDs and I would say that Dolli Pop's logo is the best one that I have seen so far. It is very different yet sophisticated too.

She arrived much faster than I expected and I didn't have enough time to make a hanbok for her. She is borrowing a hanbok from 18cm Ddung doll and a 6-7" wig from Yo-SD doll by Migidoll for this photo shoot.

I don't like her hands and feet but that is just my personal preference. I like elegant hands and feet similar to IpleHouse girl.

Dolli Pop is a new and underrated company and I believe that they deserve more love.



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  • Ratings 0 point(s) Author Melody Park Written on 2017-03-18 12:58:29
    Spam Thanks for your kindly review! :D
    I hope you could make good memorie with LUNA.
    Have a nice day♡
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